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In 2016, I learned my hometown, Commerce City, CO, had never had a Chamber of Commerce. I was dumbfounded. We formed an Organizing Committee, and I signed up 100 businesses in 100 days to get started.

That seemed to be the moment people starting asking – who is Michael Scanlon?

I came of age in hard scrabble, working class neighborhoods in Manassas, Virginia. I got lucky and was admitted to Virginia Tech, the greatest land grant university in America. Ingrained in me are values like integrity and family, honesty and community, education and hard work.

Today, the best part of my story continues to grow. My wife Sabine and I are raising four great children in our adopted hometown of Commerce City, Colorado. As I write this in August 2017, they are ages 16, 13, 11, and 8.

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Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

- Vivian Greene -

Michael Scanlon

/What I’m passionate about

Here are a few project’s I’ve been working on lately that I’m very passionate about.


Chamber Of Commerce

As a founder and recruiting director for the Commerce City Chamber of Commerce, I get to take my passion for the city I love, Commerce City, and help develop it’s commercial base to even greater heights.

Colorado Broncos

I was watching the Colorado Avalanche get slaughtered, and my mind wandered to Commerce City’s major league sports franchise, the Colorado Rapids. I realized both teams made the same excellent marketing move.

Like the Rockies, these teams embraced the whole state of Colorado. Absolutely brilliant.

Director, SACW&SD

In 2016 I was elected by acclamation as a Director of the South Adams County Water & Sanitation District, where I continue to serve today. We oversee a $500,000,000 enterprise delivering safe, clean drinking water 24/7 to 55,000 people on an annual budget of roughly $28,000,000.



In 2010 I wrote Confessions of a Mutual Fund Salesman. My goal was to help enlighten investors regarding what goes on inside mutual funds (spoiler alert: it isn’t always pretty) and along the way it evolved into a DIY investment manual.


Retirement Income

I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years helping individuals plan for and create a guaranteed income stream in retirement. If a married couple makes it to 65, there’s a 1 in 4 chance one of them will make it to 95. I can customize your retirement, by working with some of the strongest and most secure financial institutions, to ensure you have a guaranteed income in retirement.

Adams 14 Education Foundation

My adopted hometown of Commerce City has two school districts (long story). The Adams 14 school district is one of the poorest and most dispossessed in all of Colorado. For a variety of reasons, the district struggles. At the Adams 14 Education Foundation, we work to provide resources to teachers and scholarships to students who deserve to go to college, have worked hard to get the grades and scores needed, but simply don’t have the financial backing to get there. Unfortunately, we always have more applicants than scholarship money. But you can help!


/My Journal

Aug 29

Michael Scanlon

In 2016, I learned my hometown, Commerce City, CO, had never had a Chamber of Commerce. I was dumbfounded. We formed an Organizing Committee, and I signed up 100 businesses…

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I'm excited to announce my latest project - www.ColoradoBroncos.com. This proposal for Broncos Country is clear. Embrace the better, bigger, and more representative geographical identity, the great state of Colorado.…

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Aug 28


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